Thursday, August 2, 2012

Review of Lovecraft eZine's Joe Pulver Video Interview

I had the opportunity a few days back to watch a video interview with Joseph S. Pulver hosted by Mike Davis of Lovecraft eZine. I call it an interview though Mike refers to it as a video chat. It is both. As an interview, the format was very informal and relaxed. There were a number of parties involved, and while questions were mostly directed towards Joe, everyone was allowed to be involved, posing questions to the interviewee as well as to one another. Hence, video chat. Mike did a fine job as host, by the way. He is calm, funny, and interacts with everyone on a nearly equal footing, still giving center stage to Joe, of course. 

If I remember correctly, the chat lasted around two hours and was full of information on Joe's work as well as Lovecraftian culture in general. I would call myself a fan of Joe Pulver, as a poet-writer and as a person. His voice is unique in the most visceral understanding of the word, and while his works can be intimidating to the newly initiated (as was the case for me) once you stop trying to squeeze unintended meaning from his technique and instead let the prose guide you, your reward will be great. I am still relatively new to Joe's work, but I am enjoying it both as literature and as an experience. I am drawn to unique voices like misquotes to a zapper. Joe delivers in spades. 

While I've only read, I believe, a couple of stories from Lovecraft eZine, Mike and his authors seem to be doing good work. I plan to make some extra time to explore the site and its offering more thoroughly. You should do the same. 

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